Starting a new project soon

2007-11-04 01:39:57 by kk-AsianKitty

I have some art done already. 2/landscapeoi4.png
Still not sure what the plot is gonna be xD


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2007-11-04 01:56:52

Great background.
Hope the plot isn't some random thing with a big penis

kk-AsianKitty responds:

i wouldn't bother making a background for a spam flash


2007-11-04 03:54:09

Better be something good. Not that regular KK shit! That regular KK shit is just sad crap.. KK in hell!

kk-AsianKitty responds:

no its a serious project


ya srsly


2007-11-04 04:55:55

Great background.
I hope it has some random thing with a big penis like the regular KK flash. That stuff is just swell. KK4EVA

kk-AsianKitty responds:

na it wont be lol


2007-11-04 11:38:35

WOW ASAIN KITTY? That has to be the gayest thing on the planet.

kk-AsianKitty responds: